Unni Løvlien

My name is Unni Løvlien. I live i Hamar, Norway.


Welcome to my website Drømmefanger, or in English, Dreamcatcher.

You may wonder what my purpose is.

I suggest you make an effort yourself to find out.

You may find this meaningfull – or not.

From my heart, I wish you good luck.

The old, wrinkly Ojibwe Indian has gathered around him all the tools he will need in making a new dreamcatcher. I carefully sit down in front of him and greet him in the language which we both know so well. I say to him: Would you like to make this dreamcatcher especially for me? He looks up, scrutinizing my face with his black, inexpressive eyes. Minutes  go by, and I can hardly breathe. He suddenly speaks to me, looking straight at me. I know you, he says. Different kind of dreams long to haunt you. Some of them derive from an evil place. I will choose your colours with great care; on the wood, the laces and the feathers. The dreamcatcher will catch the evil dreams and let the good ones through to you. You shall receive important messages and signs, and thereby understand which path to choose foreward. The dreams shall heal you, if you let them. When Asibikaashi catches the first sunbeams in her net in the sunrise, the first dream will reach you, and you will be on your way. With one last glance into my eyes , he bends his head and speaks no more. I whisper: Thank you. He does not answer me. Without words he asks me to leave him. And I enter Dreamtime.

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