Picture of a Matchstick Man

In the earliest dreams about my son, he was often present in various contexts with other people. He did not cause any attention, but obviously wanted to show me that he was still there. And this made me both happy and sad…

Someone showed me a  small photo with several persons standing in a row with their profiles to the photographer. I did not recognize any of them. Someone said to me: Tom was there, wasen’t he? I looked closer, and then I noticed his profile among the others. He stood out, because his face was dark and his nose seemed longer and sharper than I could remember. I stared at him, thinking to myself that death had changed him , even in this old photo. I felt very sad then.

In this moment I remember the book called “The Picture of Dorian Grey” by Oscar Wilde. Dorian, being a beautiful young man, had his portrait painted by a friend. The portrait reveals a rather creepy attribute: As Dorian grows older and his beauty fades, so does the portrait. Different story, but an interesting observation, though.



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