Back to stay

Tom does not visit me in my dreams very often any more. I wish he would. He appeared one night this Summer, however:

Suddenly he is back, and this time I do not feel so surprised, as if I were expecting him. Deep inside, I know that he is here to stay, for good. Whether he has been dead or just gone for a while, I cannot say, and he does not give much away. When I express my joy in seeing him again, he tells me that he has actually been back for a while, but he needed some time to himself before he wanted to contact me. For some reason, I get the impression that he has been living in Sweeden for some weeks, and I feel a bit hurt, but also happy to see him.

He is bringing with him a pile of papers, and when I look at them, I notice that they are written by hand. The text is impossible to read, and I don’t understand one word of it. Then I come across i small note on a bit of paper, obviousely torn from a larger sheet. The note says “Mom”. This strikes me as very important, and I show him the note and ask: “Is this something that we need to talk about”? After some hesitation, he nods og answers “Yes”. “Can we talk in the car”? I then ask him, and he nods again. And the dream ends there.

Tom, Tom, what is it that you want to tell me?

I reflect on how he appears in the dream. He looks ordinary, in his usual dongery and t-shirt. He seems a little serious and meditative, but not sad. I get the impression that certain things have happened to him after his return, that he has experienced something that had an impact on him. And I feel that he is going to reveal it to me.

Hmmm. If only I believed in reincarnation…

Bob Dylan has written this beautiful song:

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