Never Walk Alone

Today, on 16. February 2020, Tom has been gone for 13 years. Two nights ago, I dreamt about him once more. It does not happen as often as it used to nowadays, maybe twice a year or so. It’s always a thrill to see him and speak with him. The dream went like this:

I am walking inside a building with several rooms, maybe a restaurant of some sort. As I am about to turn around a corner, I just know that Tom will be sitting there, waiting for me. And he does. He is leaning backwards in a comfortable chair, looking young and handsome, with a big smile on his radiant face. As I burst into tears and throw myself in his arms, I realize that all his scars from the fire accident are completely gone. I have never seen that before. He looks like a new man. He mentions that he has come to visit to make sure that everything is ok. I notice that sad feeling inside me as I realize that he is not staying. But I am overwhelmed with joy. Later, we are walking slowly along the streets in Hamar, and I say to myself that I have to show Tom all the new houses that have been built here since he left. And he repeats that he has come to see if we are ok, and he has now seen that we are. I then ask him: Do you think that I have grown old, Tom? He looks at me, reluctantly, and is about to say something. Then I wake up. I wasn’t supposed to hear that one. Saved by the bell??

I love this dream. I love what he told me, that he is looking out for us. I love to know that he lives in my heart now and will never leave me again.

This is one of my favourite songs:

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