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Dream What does it all mean? A few years ago I had a short dream about my mother, who died many years ago at the age of 66. That is the age which I am right now. I saw her walking away from me in the courtyard in front of the home where I grew up. She had her back… Read more →


While my thoughtless twin sleeps   My son has just died. I have been to see him. I am totally broken, overloaded with emotions and grief. At the same time I feel nothing at all. My twin is walking beside me, whispering in my ear: This is not real, not real, not real…. She goes to sleep the same night,… Read more →



Colours Following the colours From early life my sleep has been filled with dreams. I have experienced good dreams, bad dreams and those filled with real horror. I have been stabbed by a crazy killer and shot to death by foreign soldiers. What a thrill to wake up and find myself alive! Sometimes, though, a dream is so beautiful that… Read more →


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